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To make a donation for our staff, please go to and use donation as reference:

To purchase vouchers to redeem when we re-open, please go to:

R100 will buy you R110 voucher value (10% extra)

R200 will buy you R230 voucher value (15% extra)

R500 will buy you R600 voucher value (20% extra)

R1000 will buy you R1250 voucher value (25% extra)

Dear Lekker Vegan fans… we miss you!!!

Like all of us in our own way, we are facing tough times at Lekker Vegan. No customers means that cash flow has stopped and outstanding bills, rent and staff wages are a major challenge to pay. Our 2 restaurants were already quiet in the 2 weeks before the lock-down because of restrictions on gatherings/alcohol and a 5 week closure is a nightmare for us and our staff.

100% vegan restaurant business in general is tough because society is only slowly realizing the necessity of a vegan diet/lifestyle, hence the closure of several vegan businesses. Competition from non-vegan restaurants doing vegan dishes have also put a big strain on full vegan eateries.

After lockdown physical distancing regulations might continue for many months, which will further impact restaurants. Projections from industry professionals say that 10% of restaurants will have to close their doors short term and 70% of them won’t survive long term and if you want more insights as to why that is, I suggest you check out this well written blog, on the reality of very low profit margins in restaurant business. https://medium.com/@joelleparenteau/why-are-restaurants-so-fucked-ca07c4624745

While some restaurants have successfully converted into essential delivery services, the legality of doing that is unclear and some have already been closed by SAPS. For this reason we are considering and preparing for it, but proceed with caution. Since the week before lockdown we have joined the efforts of the amazing NGO Ladles of Love to feed the homeless and needy and are helping them out by lending them our vegetable cutting machines and providing storage and transportation of their stock. To donate to that cause, please visit:


With your support you can help us to keep our staff employed and our doors to stay open, once lock-down has lifted. We have joined an amazing initiative at http://SaveYourLocal.co.za and opened platforms for donations and voucher purchases. 100% of donations will go to staff and income from vouchers that give you additional value will be used for buying stock when we are allowed to re-open. Thank you so much in advance and we hope to be serving you again soon!